I’ve been a member of Slingshot Collective, publisher of Slingshot newspaper and the annual Slingshot organizer, since 1988.  Check out the Slingshot Webpage for current articles.  If you want to purchase publications from Slingshot or t-shirts or patches that I silkscreen, click here. I have volunteered with the Long Haul Infoshop collective in Berkeley since 1993 and I’ve compiled the radical contact list contained in each year’s Slingshot organizer (and on-line) for over 19 years during which time I’ve become an expert on the US infoshop movement. Here are links to some of my favorite articles that have appeared in Slingshot.

I would like to write articles for other publications so let me know if you work with a publication that is looking for the types of articles I write.

I am also available to speak on topics related to collectives, resistance, building alternative values and alternative institutions or any of the topics covered in my articles.

Vortex Summer – Slingshot issue #91
PB Floyd Comes Out – Slingshot issue #103
Action: the antidote for despair – Slingshot issue #102

Ecology / Economics / Analysis
Live Small – Slingshot issue #97
Leaving this World with a Human Touch – Slingshot issue #103
Reject Liquified Natural Gas – Slingshot issue #95
Looking for dignity, finding revolution: how North Africa & the Middle East inspire us – Slingshot issue #106
What next? What have we learned and what can we add now? – Slingshot issue #108
Don’t believe the nuclear hype: business as usual is the real catastrophe – Slingshot issue #106

Do It Yourself / Alternative Technology
Customize your bike – Slingshot issue #97
Solar Fruit Drier – Slingshot issue #98

Solar Shower – Slingshot issue #80
Pick yer Own: building community through DIY urban harvesting – Slingshot issue #93
Critical Mass vs. Bike Party: leaderless doesn’t mean disorganized – Slingshot issue #106

War and Resistance
Overcoming War Think – Slingshot issue #104
Stop the Everyday War – Slingshot issue #76
Is Dancing Terrorism? – Slingshot issue #72
Resistance to Austerity: It’s not just for Europeans – Slingshot issue #105